Shoestring Tightrope

Walking the tightrope of life on a shoestring


photo-2Rituals are engrained into our lives.  My day starts with coffee and letting out the dog.  My children’s day ends with bath time and books, pink lotion and brushed, wet hair, and clean pajamas in cozy beds.  Rituals are comforting, predictable, and loving.  A ritual wraps you up and tells you exactly what to expect and when to expect it.  They are the most dependable of friends.  They follow you through life.  They give you the boring, mundane expectations that you so rely on when the day has only brought anything but what you were expecting.  That is why, when sitting down and bathing the children the other night, I snapped this picture that seemed to capture the ritual happening and the ease on each child’s face that it was, indeed, expected.  Bath time.  Simple, understandable, and part of a ritual as old as parenting itself.

What rituals do you uphold in your home that you grew up with?  What rituals have you created anew for your family?

…After about a year “off” from this website, I am back!  Speaking of rituals, I’d like to make writing a ritual of mine again.  I have had over three years of trying to get pregnant, pregnancy, birth, and newborn-ness that has made any kind of predictability go out the window.  To round out a year of *newness*, we also moved to a new home in the beautiful area of Colorado Springs.  We started my daughter in a new, Waldorf-based school.  My husband got a new position in the company he works for.  I got a new job as a full-time mom at home with the little ones.

I believe it is only fitting that I updated the site’s look and material.  I wish I could do more crafty-McCrafterson projects these days, but it all comes down to what the days bring.  Even my best intentions fall flat, as you may already be familiar when working with your little ones, and you end up with a Kleenex box carriage for a Barbie when you set out to do crayon-rubbings of leaves.  Don’t worry- I find honest refreshing, and I’ll report it all here.  I’m into keeping it simple as of late, and I hope the simplified navigation will help you to get what you need and then get out of here- because I know you’d rather make eye contact with a child than with your computer!

Love Always,


Everybody Clean Up!

I have an active, by-myself-er, curious, and loving preschool-aged daughter on my hands.  She’s into everything.  This makes it particularly hard to get any cleaning done, something I am fond of doing first thing after my first cup of coffee in the morning.  I don’t want to plague her with one hour of isolated TV watching, nor do I want to find her alone in her room spreading baby power all over the place (again) when I wasn’t looking.  So incorporating her into my clean-up schedule seems to be the right solution for both of us… but how?

Recently I came across the website and fell in love with their assortment of smaller but genuine household cleaning materials, such as brooms and laundry baskets!  Brilliant!

Just as we use “real toys” for therapy for Dementia patients at my work, having an iron and ironing board that us adults would use at home, but cannot turn on as so it doesn’t burn the Dementia patient, so too do I believe in using “real” and usable “toys” for preschoolers.  The feel of the very product is very important, and the more toy-like the materials become, the more I’ve noticed my preschooler looses interest.  She wants to use “mommy’s mop”, not the plastic, toy mop in her room. helps to identify this problem and came out with some awesome solutions:

Screen shot 2013-11-24 at 3.06.39 PM

Screen shot 2013-11-24 at 3.08.33 PM

Screen shot 2013-11-24 at 3.10.23 PM

“Let me help you” has never looked or felt so good to the child.  They identify what tools to use for the task, how to best use them, and how to take care of the tool afterwards.  Also, providing a bucket full of warm, soapy water and some scrubbing brushes helps to make the “clean up” experience a multi-sensory one.

What works for you and your little one during your clean up times?  What doesn’t work?

Fall Wreath DIY

I was so inspired as of late by this wreath:

Screen shot 2013-08-27 at 8.46.31 PMGo here to find it!

So I went to Michael’s and decided it was high time I’d try the same.  With only $25 to my name I was on a mission, and I totally got out for under that!  Got to love those clearance items!

To grab:


Start by sticking pins into the burlap, scrunching it onto the wreath however you’d like to create that ruffled look:



Then use the glue gun to glue flowers down on the burlap, popping off the plastic flower heads off their wire stems:



Then add the bows with the two types of ribbon you have, making a far more professional-looking bow than I:


Just add your giant initial and you’re done!  Hang on the front door and start raking in compliments!

wreath(Better pic to come in the morning… right now I’m… yawn… all crafted out!)